Who We Are

Who We Are

Natural Connections is brought to you by Biologist, Naturalist, and Wellness Practitioner, Joy Fitzgerald. After experiencing a personal trauma, Joy began incorporating her love for nature with her healing journey and discovered the power nature has in restoring both emotional and physical wellness. Now, Joy leads others in nature explorations, where they learn to participate in nature in ways that interest them most - from photography to kayaking to hiking to bird watching and more! Joy teaches you how to tap into your body’s capacity for self-healing by connecting with nature. Then, individuals write their own plan to start healing by using the tools Joy has taught them.

Our Philosophy

“Life is a circle, not a line.”
At Natural Connections, we believe that the more we experience the planet we live in, the more we find balance. When we are present with nature, we find that the smells, the sights, the sounds, the tastes, and the sensations invite us to come alive as they restore us from the inside out. We believe there is no “cookie cutter” approach to becoming well, so our work with clients is based on individualized goals with incremental steps to achieve wellness – often in collaboration with other professional wellness practitioners.

Clients find that they develop a sense of “awe” in nature, that they learn to live more simply, as they make new discoveries while working through grief, PTSD, depression, or a cancer diagnosis. Natural Connections can help you adapt and overcome, so that you can find wellness and balance again. Call (502) 381-8396 to rediscover wonder today!

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