Finding Wellness in Nature

It’s time.

When you experience something horrible, your mind and body can experience side effects immediately, hours afterward, days afterward, or a long time afterward. Whether your trauma or sickness was physical or emotional, it can affect all of you – your thoughts, your ability to sleep, your physical health, even your own sense of connection with yourself for years, if left unchecked. But, with help, you can move back toward well again. It’s time.

Physical Wellness

At Natural Connections, we teach how to tap into your body’s self-healing capacity by connecting with nature! We have seen how being outdoors in nature boosts physical healing. The air we breathe is filled with microscopic oils, essences, and fragments of the nature around us. These minuscule pieces of nature absorb through our breathing and our skin to help our bodies boost immunity, release stress, and begin to become well again.

Emotional Wellness

Interacting with nature has been shown to boost emotional healing, as well. When an individual experiences a trauma, the mind distances itself from the situation by shutting off its connection with the body. But, after the trauma is over, individuals often feel that they cannot reconnect their mind and their body no matter how hard they try. But, as the individual finds small ways to reconnect, he can draw these two severed parts of himself back together.

Often, psychologists will ask trauma survivors, “When is it that you feel most connected?” For some, they begin to recognize connection in a meaningful relationship. For others, they find connection with animals. For some, it’s with a higher power. For yet others, it is in nature. At Natural Connections, we believe in the security of the outdoors. We believe that people reconnect best when they experience the sights, smells, sounds, and sensations of nature.

Join us.

Come discover what your body and mind can do when you experience life outdoors. Joy Fitzgerald invites you to come, learn about nature, and discover what hobbies you might want to embrace as you walk the road toward wellness.

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